Stilling Wells

Stilling wells are most commonly positioned alongside a flume or upstream of a weir, and can be used to house a variety of water level sensors for more accurate flume measurement. We can build any type of stilling well for your water level measuring project. We build stilling wells out of steel corrugated pipe or PVC. (Some flumes feature built-in stilling wells.)

We can supply nearly any diameter, but we have some standard sizes that we recommend:

  • 8″ Corrugated Steel
  • 12″ Corrugated Steel
  • 24″ Corrugated Steel
  • 36″ Corrugated Steel
  • 12″ PVC Pipe
  • 24″ PVC Pipe

All of our stilling wells come with a 3/4″ or 1″ access coupler or nipple at the bottom of the well. This allows you to attach a PVC or steel pipe to the well for water access. All of our larger stilling wells also have the option of an internal shelf or flange(s) at the top for attaching a cabinet or enclosure. If you would like we can also provide the cabinet or enclosure based upon your requirements.

To the left is an example of a USGS type stream gauge system. Most often a simple corrugate pipe and cabinet are now installed for low-cost and ease of use.